Author Topic: vBulletin Original software will not always saying you get the best support!  (Read 1618 times)


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Did buy vBulletin for a new forum. But buying software for 399 dollar will NOT always saying that you get the best support.

First of all it takes support forever to respond back.
Then they always tread you like you are a idiot.

Software update is giving errors ! And you keep on running in to other problems as well.

O, and then you think that you did buy the software and that you have a mobile version for it. They forgot to mention that you have to pay Apple 60 dollar a year for a Apple App. And 25 dollar for the android app. And be aware, that if you change the forumsoftware to a other domain name that you have to UPDATE the App and not create a new version.

All together. I wish I never had got vBulletin in the first place. Simple because even after you find out after 2 days that you do not like it, you can NOT get money back !

My advice Avoid vBulletin. Simple because it is BULLSHIT software. And the support sucks !

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